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Last updated: July 19, 2021


David Helgerson & Associates, LLC has provided engineering and management services since establishment in 2013.  David has shifted his career path to retirement and is no longer actively seeking new work.  

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David Helgerson & Associates, LLC

Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, and Consulting Services

Thank You!

David Helgerson is retired!  

I am sincerely grateful for the support of my many excellent customers.  The work you have entrusted to me has been rewarding and it has been a pleasure to support you.

Activities & Events:

As I continue in various activities, I will try and post some pictures and material of interest on this site.


David A. Helgerson has over 40 years of ship design and design management experience and a over a decade of educational boatbuilding experience. 

Key areas of expertise include:

- Concept Design

- Design Integration

- Design Team Management

- Acquisition Documentation

- Quality Management

- Process Improvement

- Meeting Facilitation

- Technical Writing

- Curriculum Development